A global plea, people who care, and Addy finds a home

You people are amazing. 

It only took a couple of days after posting my video with Addy, and she was going home. 

The posting and reposting of this story, from here on the website to my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, put this little girl’s beautiful face out there for the world to see. 

When I walked into the Petco store to check up on her progress, there was her new Mom, her new sisters and friends, getting ready to take her home. As I understand, the family is local and has already started new obedience training with her at the same store. 

The outpouring of support, well wishes, hopes and prayers was absolutely mind-blowing. I received notes from comments from around the world as people were sharing Addy’s story, trying however they could to seek a connection that would get her to a new home. 

It won’t be easy for her. Addy’s had a difficult life already. From a stray puppy to a shelter, to a home where her new Mom had a health condition and no one to help, back to the shelter, to a couple that likely had good intentions but failed to dedicate themselves to the needs of this energetic girl, back to the shelter and a foster home, and finally into the arms of what will be her forever home. 

It’s a cautionary tale for us all when it comes to adopting these wonderful animals. They have emotions, just like us, and sometimes those emotions are frayed with the simple necessities of life. The fact they came so young for Addy might leave her somewhat scarred. From there, it takes a lot of love, a lot of understanding, and a lot of time to bring her into a family. It’s the same for every adoptee. 

I hope that by making Addy’s situation so public, everyone understands that in the end, it’s all about saving one life. Just one. We can’t save them all. We can’t find homes for every pup or every senior. The reality of the task before us seems insurmountable, and forces us to come to grips with reality. 

However, every time we save one life, just that one, it will inspire others to do the same. Addy’s story will, I sincerely hope, drive everyone to understand how important it is to promote adoption, ensuring that the right people are adoptees and they understand this is not something to be taken lightly. These are precious lives that will return the love a thousand fold. Like so many others, I strongly believe that adopted pets know how lucky they are, and the second chance they’ve been given. 

In Addy’s case, it was a third chance. The one that will stick. I know it will.  Her first night, finally at home, this was one tired and very happy girl. 

Never stop believing you make a difference. Never stop believing that one word, one post, one comment, will inspire others. 

Always believe in love, especially when it is so unconditional. 

Thanks again to everyone. 

Save a life. Just one. 

Be amazed at what you can do with just a word or two. 

Thanks, Addy. Good girl. 

Meet Addy, the pup who stole my heart & is seeking a forever home

On these pages, I seek to bring positive stories about our fuzzy kids to the world, The response has been incredible, the participation more than I could have ever dreamed of. 

This time, I’m going to make it personal. The story of a pup that melted my heart and has become something of a personal cause. 

Meet Addy. She’s been thru a lot in her short life, and has been the victim of a few bad breaks in finding her forever home. I realize this will speak to a very few who live in South Florida and may have the possibility of adopting her. However, my hope is by promoting her to the world, some of you will know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone else that will be able to provide her the home she so richly deserves. 

All the information you need is here, from the proper phone number to the location where she is currently residing. Addy goes home at night to a foster home, but that is only temporary. Keep in mind this is in America near Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, FL. 

Indeed, there are millions of pups, senior dogs, those in need of and who have earned a chance to be loved for the rest of their lives. In this case, and in so many others, we often have the chance to save only one. 

One is sometimes all it takes, and is often the best we can do. 

Thank you. Let’s get Addy home. 

Just call him “Harold the Hero”

When the conversation turns to animals, especially dogs,  and some people say, “well, they don’t really understand what they’re doing because they are just animals”, I shut that line of thinking down in a heartbeat. Indeed, they are animals, but they none the less have emotions and the ability to care for those in need. 

Take Harold, for instance. Returned to the shelter by a potential family who apparently failed to see the good in this little guy, turns out his getting another chance also gave another chance to several other lost souls. 

MYRTLE BEACH, N.C. – A shelter dog in Myrtle Beach is being called a hero after finding and saving a litter of abandoned puppies.


Harold knew something was amiss, and in the process of letting his nose do the work, he saved 6 little lives. Sad to note these puppies were abandoned by someone who didn’t have the simple concern about taking them to  shelter. Without Harold’s help, they likely would have died. 

So while there is a sad side to this story, we have to smile thanks to Harold. It proves yet again the wonder of animals, especially dogs, and how they save lives just by instinct. 

Good boy, Harold. Here’s hoping you have a new forever home, and soon. 

Someday, the last dog at the last shelter will find a home

I know, I know. The title of this post is very “pie in the sky”. When we consider all the strays and abandoned dogs, those that fight every day for a simple life, the phrase seems overwhelming and not possible. 

Still, we can hope. 

Stories such as these I never tire of. Communities banding together to rescue the unfortunate and find them homes. Consider that Capone here is 7 years of age, meaning he’s likely been thru a lot and perhaps even several owners. Sometimes, there’s a good reason why an animal finds itself relegated to a shelter. Most of the time, sadly, it’s more about neglect and age. 

The Ionia County Animal Shelter likely won’t be empty forever. Circumstances and cruelty will come into play again for some pup who by no fault of his or her own is homeless. 

That doesn’t mean good people stop trying. They do, every day. So we can gain a little smile and solace for the moment knowing the cause continues, and the dedication remains, to find a home for every deserving creature. 

Good boy, Capone. Welcome home. 

Last dog at Ionia County shelter finds forever home

From Afghanistan to America: Tess is right where she belongs

The type of story I never tire of reading and hearing about, when friends united in war become family when the conflict is over. 

Tess served her country in the war. For a year, she underwent the same stresses, the same possible moments of terror, the same confidence that came down the leash from her partner. Now, she will spend the rest of her life at home with a real family.


Many times, people don’t grasp what’s under the surface here. Military service dogs are not trained to be lovers, they’re trained to be fighters. It is much more difficult for them to break the bonds of war than most of their human counterparts. The men and women who serve have that human ability to reason their way thru the changes, and when they need help, it’s always there for them.

For the service dogs, sad to say, there are no psychologists, no support groups, and often, no families to help. They spend their lives only thinking of service. Few, actually get lucky to retire and live out their lives in relative comfort. 

Tess is one of the lucky ones. At 11 years of age, she has only a few years left. But those will be spent with  her closest friend, and every day will be a new adventure in becoming just another dog. Another playday. Another walk without the horrors of war surrounding her. 

This is one of the positive stories. Our military needs to ensure every service dog comes home, as often as possible with their human companion. It’s the least we can do for those who put their paws on the line every day to serve American, and protect their teams. 

Have a great life, Tess. Love and lick as often as you can. 

Mickey Rourke just like us around dogs: A softy at heart

Mickey Rourke has played some of the toughest, baddest, meanest guys ever put on film. His characters in “Sin City”, “Iron Man 2”, “The Wrestler”, and plenty more can attest to those times the man can simply be downright scary.

The same thing can be said of some really bad plastic surgery, but let’s not go there, shall we?

Rourke was captured at an LA eatery where dogs are not allowed. Says so right there on the sign. But let him bring his little ball of fur around, find a chair on the sidewalk, and add a high chair to make it all even more difficult for the owners to say no, and you have an afternoon of cute for the big guy and his kid.


Yep, that’s what they do to us. Any and all sizes. They’re our kids and no one can tell us any different.

Benny slaps on skates and goes after the biscuit

I have seen a lot of things in my life, but never a dog on ice skates. Which makes Benny’s story all the more fun to watch.

A retired professional ice skater found Benny on the edge of a terrible fate, living out his final days in a Utah high kill shelter. He was given a final chance when transported to a shelter in Las Vegas. There was something about this bright eyed pup that caught Cheryl Del Sangro’s attention. Not long after that, Benny was not only getting his second chance at life, but he was impressing everyone, especially Cheryl, with his skills on the ice.

AND while wearing skates!


Benny is a great story of the fuzzy friends and companions that are found in shelters every single day. They’re smart, eager to please, and often come with talents that would normally be lost to the ages because someone didn’t see something worth saving.

Shelters are a last chance at life for these dogs. All they need is someone like you to find then, look them in the eyes, see the potential, and then make them part of the family.

Who knows? You too may find a budding hockey superstar.

Thanks, Cheryl, Good boy, Benny.

A note on her collar, she now has a Ghost of a chance

Sometimes, we need to take a step back when it comes to abandoned dogs. We do need to think about the human side of the equation.

It’s tough for so many people to make ends meet these days.  Despite some people ballyhooing how great the economy is, when it’s mostly a smokescreen for the wealthy, there are still people who can’t find a job that pays enough to make the rent. Even those working 2 and 3 jobs are buckling under the pressure.

Many of them have pets they simply can’t pay for any longer. Try as they might, they are forced into making difficult and heartbreaking decisions. I find it impossible to judge people every time in these cases. Sometimes, the story is evident. Other times, we have to assume.

Then there is the medical side of this issue. People with little or no health insurance, living alone, caring for pets and then suddenly, without warning, they are unable to even care for themselves. What do they do then? Far too often, unable to find someone to take in their loved fuzzy and furry kid, they have to abandon them to  a shelter, sometimes worse. Many times, these once cared for members of a family have no hope and find their lives about to be cut short.

Which brings us to the story of Ghost, who showed up with a note attached to her collar. We can’t be certain the note is even real, but I doubt someone would make something like this up. This sweetheart of a baby girl is just beginning her life, and already is confused at being shuffled from place to place. Her owner, at least, did what she thought was the right thing.


Ghost now has a chance at life. A greater issue here is also that of fostering, as there is a real shortage of people willing to take in a dog and keep them until they find a home. I couldn’t do it. I would become so attached, it would break my heart to let them go. But soon, I hope, I’ll get past that and help. 

Ghost has a chance because someone saw here and changed the course of their life and hers by trying to help. She could have wandered for weeks, suffered an accident, been attacked, God only knows. But someone showed heart, and love, for a puppy they knew nothing about. 

Make this a positive for your day. Think about those willing to help not just Ghost, but others around you. Be an example to others. Teach the kids how to care at a level such as this. 

Give others more than a Ghost of a chance at a good life. 

Saved and now saving: The story of Lilly Mae

This is one of those stories where you really don’t know where to begin, from the terrible start to the inspirational ending.

Lilly Mae not only started her life as the product of a despicable puppy mill, but she also suffered from a heart murmur AND  would up in a shelter, destined for a short life and a terrible end.

Then, fate stepped in. Talk about doing a 180.

There’s not much rougher for kids who have to go thru the court system. It’s a scary place, filled with people saying things the kids can’t understand. Their lives are right there on the line so any times, and they don’t even know it.

Just like Lilly Mae, who will never know how close she came to a terrible end.

Now, she saves lives. There couldn’t be a better doggone good story.

Dog or Smartphone? Make the right choice for you both!

I got into a really bad habit. I was at home in the evening, couch stuffed, watching TV and looking at my smartphone. It became nothing more than a bad habit. Almost as if the phone was a crack pipe or something just as addictive.

Right there in the room with us are Bailey and Magnus. Why the heck would I waste time when my kids are there???

Here’s something I would NEVER do. Talk on the phone while walking the dogs. Insane. At that time, it’s a freebie for me and I have 2 very important members of my family to pay attention to. You never know what could happen, and I don’t want my attention diverted from there,


Turns out being on the phone can indeed make your dog just ignore you. So what’s more important? Another mindless conversation you can have anytime, anywhere…or paying attention to and socializing with the fuzzy kids?

Just me, but that’s not much of a tough question to answer.

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