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Honestly, I never knew such a thing existed. The Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year Competition. Some of these are stunning in their majesty, and leave no doubt how photogenic our kids can be. Makes no difference whether mutt or purebred, those pictures we hold close are priceless. For me, of course, the issue is no Beagles or Norwegian Elkhounds. I’m going to have to get an early jump on next year and rectify THAT situation quickly. Sit back and enjoy pictures that speak volumes.

A wink for Winx, and the cop captivated by this pit bull’s story

The purpose of this page was to stay away from the ugly and unfortunate stories we are often inundated with, especially those dealing with dogs and how many are simply mistreated. Occasionally, I find the intersection of the two and it’s a story worth noting. because it has a positive ending.

Someone shot this pit bull, forcing him to lose an eye. Why someone would do something so heinous is beyond my comprehension as a rational person. But dogs are so resilient, they pick up as if nothing ever happened. And in the case on Winx, they do so with the help of someone who simply falls in love with the smile and the slobber.

Thanks, Officer Timothy Elliott, for being one of those people. And thanks to Winx for showing us yet again there are often positives to be found in the negative.

The perfect first pitch and a doggone good catch

The Miami Marlins are doing everything they can to get butts in the seats this season, stuck with one of the worst teams in the major leagues right now. So the answer is simple! UNLEASH THE HOUNDS!  Exactly what they did this weekend in what’s becoming a wonderful rite at almost every MLB park, encouraging people to bring their dogs out for a game. This one was something special, as the first pitch may have revealed a new backup catcher for the Marlins.

Kathy Griffin and the healing power of dogs

I thought for a spell about posting this, as Kathy Griffin has been a political lightning rod for about a year now, and I’m certain even mentioning her won’t sit well with some people. But I beg you to please look at this from an apolitical standpoint. This is about the joy one dog brings into a life, and what happens when we lose someone who has become our best friend. Her tweets over the passing of Pom Pom reveal the softer side dogs bring out in us all,  and I will guarantee her dog didn’t care about her politics. All he knew to his final moment was this was his Mom, this was his family, and these were the smiles he left behind.

We all make mistakes. Being in love with a dog is never one of them.

One hot car and one dog saved by fast thinking

I’m sorry, but accident or not, there has top be a special place in Hell for people that leave animals and children in cars with the windows up. There have been far too many tragedies on both the human and animal side that have been documented to keep almost anyone in America from now knowing the dangers. It’s irresponsible, cruel, inhumane, and criminal without question.

Kudos then to the people who didn’t waste a second when seeing an animal in distress. The family claims to have “lost track of time” and I’m not buying it. They were careless and should be held accountable. Of course, the GOOD NEWS here is the pup was saved by those who have a heart and saved it’s life.

Doggone good.

This time, an airline SAVES a dog in flight

As noted in this story, of the 24 animal deaths on board passenger jets in 2017, 18 of them were on United Airlines. The callous nature in how United treated these deaths compounded their error and rightfully caused a stir that got more than a few people in how water. But now, turn the tables and send out a big “THANK YOU” to the crew on board this JetBlue flight, who when they were told a dog was in distress, went right to work and saved a life. As an aside, the pictures of a French Bulldog in an oxygen mask are priceless.

Look at that. It really doesn’t take much at all to do the right thing. Maybe someone needs to tell the people at United Airlines.

Comforting the canines: A better way to spend 4th of July

Another 4th of July has come and gone, and more animals were cowering in fear. Scared to death at the explosions occurring around them. Dogs, cats, horses and the rest have non idea it’s the 4th, and many of them are traumatized every year by these exhibitions. Animals in shelters often have no human contact during these nighttime hours, and the terror, once you’ve seen it, is palpable. This year, a group of people in Phoenix, Arizona decided to to something better with their time. They created “Comfort the Canines”, there to soothe the animals and give them a little human contact and love as the explosions bounced off the walls.

These are the type of people I want to spend my next 4th of July with. I really like this idea and hope it spreads. Giving back to those that love unconditionally is worth celebrating.

Instead of Going Out This 4th of July, These People Comforted Scared Shelter Animals During Fireworks

Ranger: Wonderful things come in small packages

Had this sent to me by a friend and had to share. Ranger will never be a full size German Shepherd like his brethren, but the beauty of it is he doesn’t know that. In his mind, he is exactly the right size, exactly the right pup, and exactly the right life. Would that we could all have a little Ranger in us, able to accept who we are and what we are at the given moment. I’ll admit to being the first that fails to see the doggie wisdom in this, and maybe Ranger will give me the positive push I need. Maybe, he will do for you, too.

Wonderful things come in small packages. The best smiles come when you least expect them. Ranger proves it every day.

Pit bulls are puppies too

Pit bulls, like every other dog and every other child, every other newborn, begin life with what amounts to an empty head looking to be filled with ideas, concepts, teaching and intelligence. Dogs are, of course, not on the level of humans, but they too begin life seeking guidance. They also come into this world with a wide eyed excitement and wonder about the environment around them. Pit bulls get a bad rap, and those that “go bad” do so because their owner is often a bullethead looking to use them as an extension of their manhood. It’s humans that turn these wonderful animals bad, much like any other dog that bites or fights. Here’s a video I found of a pit bull puppy just beginning life, looking to play, and destined to be a best friend and member of a family if only given the right chance.

Train your pups. Treat them as your family. They deserve the chance to show you how much love they can provide, no matter what the breed.

A reunion 3 years in the making

Most people are not aware that 4th of July is a leading day when dogs disappear. Many of them are emotionally scarred by the idiots that shoot off homemade fireworks and scare the daylights out of them. Many times, the dogs run off looking for shelter and are never heard from again. I’m thrilled to see in this case, the 4th will now be remember as a happy occasion for one family. Oh, and PUT THE DAMN FIREWORKS AWAY, PEOPLE. It scares dogs and people with PTSD. Can you tell I’m passionate about this one?

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