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Meet Tyson, the train tripping Terrier

Ever have one of those dogs that does something, and you have NO idea how she or he ever knew how to do it or why they did it in the first place?

Meet Tyson the terrier.  Well, that’s  ONE of the names he’s known by.

For some reason, Tyson wanted to ride the Irish rails and just boarded the train one day for a tidy little jaunt about the countryside. Only thing is, when Tyson decided to disembark, no one knew how he got on the train and certainly had no clue as to who he was. No owner present, so Tyson, (name unknown to those around him), was taken in by the nice folks at Irish Rail, renamed “Hamish”, and the search began to find his family. 

In the interim, because they couldn’t keep him at the Rail offices, they rang up help from a local farm rescue. Of course, they had never seen anything like this little guy amidst all the horses. But Tyson, that ever so calm and unruffled demeanor, fit right in.

I’m not a huge fan of social media anymore, what with all the nastiness it seems to foment in almost every case. However, every now and then, social media gets it right.

Like this time.

It took awhile, but Tyson is back home. His long journey still a mystery as to why he decided to board that train, and one can only imagine how many people looked at this little terrier and wondered what he was doing there in the first place.

In the end, it was all about the little terrier who wanted an adventure, and the wonderful people that dedicated themselves to seeing that his adventure wound up right back home. 

Oh, and that’s AFTER Tyson has now received his brand new microchip. Thouse no word if he qualifies for his owner frequent riders pass. 

Good boy. 

From a life of fear to a life of weddings and love

The purpose of this website is to tell positive stories about dogs. I started this because I found far too many places focused on the negatives, and the daily news is loaded with moments of despair. I swore there would be no negatives here, nothing that would speak to the evil we see around us every day when it comes to dogs.

In cases, like this, I have to make an exception. What started as a terrible story of despair and hopelessness turned into something so much more, Perhaps, just perhaps, this story will drive others to emulate the idea, and give those dogs truly in need that desperately needed second chance.

Ginny was used in dogfighting, one of the more heinous crimes imaginable. Hers was a life filled with fear, despair, lacking in any simple pleasures. To her owner, she was nothing more than a disposable tool of greed and lust.

Thanks to those who are always on the lookout for such dire cases, Ginny found her way to a shelter. However, there she was again met with challenges. So timid, so fearful of a simple touch, and carrying with here that breed stigma that is often impossible to overcome.

Until those two special people found their way into her life. Not even seeking to adopt at the moment, Ginny captured their hearts. Life was about to become so different and so new for all 3.

Claire and Nick love each other, and they were determined to add Ginny to their little family. A family that become something even more special when they were married, and Ginny was part of the wedding party, all dressed in pretty colors that one day not long ago would have seemed impossible for her to wear. 

Ginny, Claire and Nick are off on their lives together now, a testament to what can happen when people give of their time to right some terrible wrongs, when shelters refuse to believe there are dogs not worth saving, and when people believe the same. Every dog is worth saving. Every life is worth a second chance. 

Ginny’s story comes to us courtesy of the ASPCA, one of many groups that work tirelessly to save the downtrodden and those with no hope. Whether it’s thier group or another, I urge you to find in your hearts a few dollars every now and then, a few hours at a local shelter or event,  something to donate that will help future Ginny’s from ever facing such a difficult life. 

Good girl. 

The oldest dogs in Indiana with lessons for humans

I’m not certain when I became aware of it, or when it was revealed to me as a kid, but like most I never really thought much about the passing of our dogs. Sure, I missed them. But I never really understood, nor likely wanted to understand, the process of getting older on 4 legs. As I myself grow older and I realize there re more days behind me than in front of me, I spend more time seeking answers to life. 

Such as, what does happen as we get older? How do we face those remaining days? And what happens to those who are not very fortunate in those remaining years?

A news photographer for the Indianapolis Star recently embarked on a mission to find the oldest dog in Indiana, and she was surprised at the number of seniors she found. Sadly, a good number of them are in shelters, as most people want that lively young pup as part of their family. However, there does seem to be a growing push to adopt these seniors. They’re calm, well behaved, incredibly loving, and have an aura of “wisdom” about them that is inescapable. 

Senior dogs teach us one very important lesson, back to what I’ve learned over the years. Dogs and all animals have no concept of time. They don’t watch the clock, they don’t know Monday from Thursday, and they don’t look in mirrors to watch the passing of time on their faces. To them, sleep is just that, nothing more. To them, when they close their eyes for a final time, they may indeed understand the significance, but they are likely believing all they’re doing is going to sleep. 

These are the dogs that teach us more about life than we could ever hope to learn on our own. They teach us compassion and dignity. In those waning years, and in death, they teach us so much about life. 

One day, when we have room and time, we will adopt seniors. Until then, I can only pass on their stories in the hopes someone who reads this will consider the possibility and provide a safe, loving home for these “veteran puppies” in their final days. 

So that when they close their eyes for that final time, they will know they are loved. 

Making new friends and history at 23,000 feet

Here’s another of those stories I had earmarked some time back for inclusion on this site and missed, yet it kept coming back to me as one of the best stories I had read in a very long time. 

American adventurer Don Wargowsky had been training his entire life for a chance to climb some of the highest peaks in the world, and in November 2018 he set off with all the requisite gear and team he needed to conquer the Nepalese peak of Baruntse. 

Little did he know that if he wanted to make the climb, all he really needed was a furry 4-legged companion. 

Somewhere along he way, Wargowsky was adopted by a cross between a Tibetan mastiff and a Himalayan sheepdog. No one knows where she came from, how old she is, if she belonged to anyone. The dog he eventually named Mera was right there at his side the entire trek, no special gear weather gear, no climbing gear of course, (though it would have been interesting to see if they were able to outfit here with a proper pair of boots), just meandering her way up the mountain to keep him company and make history in the process. 

As far as anyone can recall, this is the highest elevation ever reached by a dog, and the first time one has ever cracked a summitt. 

Mera stayed by Dan’s side the entire trip, even sleeping with him at night as he made his way up the mountain. Hey, they say dogs can sense when they’re needed. No doubt Mera knew this was her purpose here in life. 

Wargowsky headed home after his adventure, and Mera stayed home, to be adopted by the base camp manager no doubt believing her to be good luck. Me? I would have broken rules and shifted the ocean tides to bring her home to the US. But then again, the Himalayas are the only home she’s ever known, and it would appear she will live out her days among the splendor of what is stark yet beckoning terrain. 

Her name was changed to Baru in honor of the peak she mastered, the one she will look at the rest of her days and perhaps think, “Yeah, that’s the one those humans wouldn’t have been able to climb if it weren’t for me”. 

No one is arguing, Baru. 

Good girl. 

To protect and serve those seeking a new forever home

Law enforcement  gets an undeserved rap here in America, where like just about every other profession in the world, a few bad seeds force a generalization of all concerned. Police officers have one of the more difficult and stressful jobs imaginable. Go ahead,  you imagine for a moment going off to your job with the knowledge every day that you might never come home. 

So when I see stories like this, I’m all over it. Cops at a department in Nebraska working with the Humane Society to get shelter dogs out in front of the general public, giving them a better chance of adoption. Let’s face it, a lot of people would love to have a new dog but don’t go to the shelter for emotional reasons. Even for me, it’s tough to go into a shelter and see so many wagging tails, hear so many hopeful barks, and know there’s a good chance they will never leave the shelter alive. 

This has also got to be good for the dogs. So many animals suffer from a level of depression when forced to stay in shelters for long periods of time, and yes, some of them even give up hope. I’ve seen it. This, in some small way, gives them hope that they might be part of a loving home sooner than expected. 

I’d like to see more police departments do this, especially in the tough urban areas and inner cities Kids need to understand that dogs are friendly, not pieces to be used for dog fighting and abuse. It’s a great way to make those breeds getting a bad rap, just like the cops, more accessible and friendly to everyone. 

Mickey is 6 years old and deserves a new life, Maybe, just maybe, with the help of another often misunderstood member of society, he’ll be home soon, and never have to worry about walking a beat ever again. 

Well done, La Vista PD. 

Good boy, Mickey. 

Even the Wizard would be impressed with this Dorothy & Toto

Kids are so damn resilient. Just like dogs. 

When they come into this world, they don’t know what they “can’t” do or what’s “wrong” for them to do because, well, they’re kids. Blank slates. The only reason they learn that something can’t be done is because it gets drilled into them at such an early age by adults who never faced and sought to conquer their fears or shortcomings. Dogs are much the same way. The only reason they become aggressive or fail to “live up” to human standards is because of the human itself. 

Here’s a case where both kid and dog beat the odds in magnificent fashion. 

In only 17 years of life, Erin Bischoff has undergone 10 surgeries and 110 bone fractures because of a condition she suffers from. Yet thanks in large part to her Mom, and her service dog named Gage, Erin is living her young dream of being on stage. 

The bright lights are just another part of the day for Gage, who obviously has a co-starring role as Toto. He’s there to serve his young lady and to make her life a little easier. He does so with a casual ease and, after a while, I’ll wager people in the audience don’t even notice her wheelchair or the leash between them. Which if he could talk, is exactly what Gage would say his job is. To just be there as a guiding set of paws for Erin, and give her the best shot possible at living  normal life. 

Good boy. 

Love & Traveling Biscuits: FOUND my new gig!

I have to admit stifling something of a laugh when I see those places with a dozen or so food trucks all gathered around, hawking fried this and grilled that alongside some of the more….”ahem”….exotic foods to be sold in public. Then again, it’s big business and does indeed serve a real niche. I’ve actually come to respect some of the more hard working people anywhere, because THAT is a tough business.

No more laughing. as I think I’ve found the best food truck idea anywhere.

From Washington State to Alabama and several places in between, doggie food trucks are exploding. Homemade treats, individual service, good prices and something special for every pooch.

It’s not as if homemade dog treats are new, but this is all the rage sweeping the country. And just for giggles sake, I found one of the newer recipes and thought a share was in order.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking of changing jobs. Sure, I’ll bet it’s tougher than it looks, but damn it’s got to be a lot of fun to be feeding the fuzzies across America. 

When patience paid off for the boy named Capone

Going back thru the hundreds of links I’ve accumulated over the last couple of months and failed to post….completely my fault in allowing other less important things to take over my life….I found this one about Capone from February of 2019 and had to post.

Capone is a symbol of the thousands of animals that go unadopted every day in shelters across America. Why they can’t find a home is a complete mystery. People come into a shelter and are looking for something special, something that will fit them, yet too often passw right by the perfect forever member of their family for some reason.

I have no doubt Capone’s breed had something to do with it. Maybe also he’s not as fluffy as some people would want. I don’t know. I can’t hold it against those who passed him by because I’m not in their shoes.

Yet Capone waited, and so many times saw other dogs being walked past him and never to return. Dogs are emotional animals, and I’ll guarantee he felt the pain after a time wondering why no one wanted him.

Someone did. Finally. Now, he has that forever home.

Take time to learn about those dogs , cats, rabbits and other animals that have been in shelters for some time. Give them a chance. Again, maybe they’re not exactly what you thought you wanted. But in the end, they are exactly what you needed.

Good boy.

Lost then Found: 62 Days to Happy tears

Granted, a lot of the stories I read are a few weeks old simply because it takes time to circulate around the Internet and come around for mass attention. I try to avoid these in the search for new stories and ones you may not have read.

This one had a few weeks on it when I found it, but the video grabbed me.

Those of us that are pet owners understand the bond that is formed between us and our furry kids. It’s the same as our 2-legged ones in many cases. They are in our very souls, they make up the best parts of our day, and they look at us only with love and no judgement. When they are taken from us by death, we mourn and hope they’re in a better place. But when they are lost to us by accident, it’s as if a wound is open that never heals.

This is then the story of a wound that did indeed heal, but not after more than 2 months of personal pain. If my kids were missing for 6 hours, I’d be a nervous wreck. I can’t imagine what this family experienced.

A Facebook page had been launched to find their missing little girl, and you can read all about what was happening for those long days. 

Then, the simple little miracle. 

Miracles do indeed happen. Families are reunited. Love, does indeed, win out over everything else.

Welcome home, Delilah.

A global plea, people who care, and Addy finds a home

You people are amazing. 

It only took a couple of days after posting my video with Addy, and she was going home. 

The posting and reposting of this story, from here on the website to my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, put this little girl’s beautiful face out there for the world to see. 

When I walked into the Petco store to check up on her progress, there was her new Mom, her new sisters and friends, getting ready to take her home. As I understand, the family is local and has already started new obedience training with her at the same store. 

The outpouring of support, well wishes, hopes and prayers was absolutely mind-blowing. I received notes from comments from around the world as people were sharing Addy’s story, trying however they could to seek a connection that would get her to a new home. 

It won’t be easy for her. Addy’s had a difficult life already. From a stray puppy to a shelter, to a home where her new Mom had a health condition and no one to help, back to the shelter, to a couple that likely had good intentions but failed to dedicate themselves to the needs of this energetic girl, back to the shelter and a foster home, and finally into the arms of what will be her forever home. 

It’s a cautionary tale for us all when it comes to adopting these wonderful animals. They have emotions, just like us, and sometimes those emotions are frayed with the simple necessities of life. The fact they came so young for Addy might leave her somewhat scarred. From there, it takes a lot of love, a lot of understanding, and a lot of time to bring her into a family. It’s the same for every adoptee. 

I hope that by making Addy’s situation so public, everyone understands that in the end, it’s all about saving one life. Just one. We can’t save them all. We can’t find homes for every pup or every senior. The reality of the task before us seems insurmountable, and forces us to come to grips with reality. 

However, every time we save one life, just that one, it will inspire others to do the same. Addy’s story will, I sincerely hope, drive everyone to understand how important it is to promote adoption, ensuring that the right people are adoptees and they understand this is not something to be taken lightly. These are precious lives that will return the love a thousand fold. Like so many others, I strongly believe that adopted pets know how lucky they are, and the second chance they’ve been given. 

In Addy’s case, it was a third chance. The one that will stick. I know it will.  Her first night, finally at home, this was one tired and very happy girl. 

Never stop believing you make a difference. Never stop believing that one word, one post, one comment, will inspire others. 

Always believe in love, especially when it is so unconditional. 

Thanks again to everyone. 

Save a life. Just one. 

Be amazed at what you can do with just a word or two. 

Thanks, Addy. Good girl.