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Comforting the canines: A better way to spend 4th of July

Another 4th of July has come and gone, and more animals were cowering in fear. Scared to death at the explosions occurring around them. Dogs, cats, horses and the rest have non idea it’s the 4th, and many of them are traumatized every year by these exhibitions. Animals in shelters often have no human contact during these nighttime hours, and the terror, once you’ve seen it, is palpable. This year, a group of people in Phoenix, Arizona decided to to something better with their time. They created “Comfort the Canines”, there to soothe the animals and give them a little human contact and love as the explosions bounced off the walls.

These are the type of people I want to spend my next 4th of July with. I really like this idea and hope it spreads. Giving back to those that love unconditionally is worth celebrating.

Instead of Going Out This 4th of July, These People Comforted Scared Shelter Animals During Fireworks

Ranger: Wonderful things come in small packages

Had this sent to me by a friend and had to share. Ranger will never be a full size German Shepherd like his brethren, but the beauty of it is he doesn’t know that. In his mind, he is exactly the right size, exactly the right pup, and exactly the right life. Would that we could all have a little Ranger in us, able to accept who we are and what we are at the given moment. I’ll admit to being the first that fails to see the doggie wisdom in this, and maybe Ranger will give me the positive push I need. Maybe, he will do for you, too.

Wonderful things come in small packages. The best smiles come when you least expect them. Ranger proves it every day.

Pit bulls are puppies too

Pit bulls, like every other dog and every other child, every other newborn, begin life with what amounts to an empty head looking to be filled with ideas, concepts, teaching and intelligence. Dogs are, of course, not on the level of humans, but they too begin life seeking guidance. They also come into this world with a wide eyed excitement and wonder about the environment around them. Pit bulls get a bad rap, and those that “go bad” do so because their owner is often a bullethead looking to use them as an extension of their manhood. It’s humans that turn these wonderful animals bad, much like any other dog that bites or fights. Here’s a video I found of a pit bull puppy just beginning life, looking to play, and destined to be a best friend and member of a family if only given the right chance.

Train your pups. Treat them as your family. They deserve the chance to show you how much love they can provide, no matter what the breed.

A reunion 3 years in the making

Most people are not aware that 4th of July is a leading day when dogs disappear. Many of them are emotionally scarred by the idiots that shoot off homemade fireworks and scare the daylights out of them. Many times, the dogs run off looking for shelter and are never heard from again. I’m thrilled to see in this case, the 4th will now be remember as a happy occasion for one family. Oh, and PUT THE DAMN FIREWORKS AWAY, PEOPLE. It scares dogs and people with PTSD. Can you tell I’m passionate about this one?

Don’t cheat on your dog because that nose will reveal all

Have to say I’m one of those people that will always reach out to pet another dog. Of course, I’ve learned to not touch service dogs, I do reach out with tentative caution in certain circumstances, and I am very respectful of their space and that of their owner. Hey, some people don’t want their dog touched, and it’s fairly obvious. I respect that. After one of these brief meetings, Magnus and Bailey are ALL over me trying not to just greet me home, but decipher “HEY…who you been cheating on us with?”

Got to say this video still has me rolling.

A cliff, a yelp, a cry for help. The Miracle of Merle.

I lived in Colorado for several years and know the landscape talked about in this story. If not for the headline, I would have thought it impossible for this to be a positive story. I can also speak to the hopelessness felt when the realization sets in you will likely never see your furry friend ever again, and how that likely final sound haunted him for so long. This is one of those stories I’ll go back and read time and time again. It speaks to the place in our hearts these dogs hold for a lifetime and a day.

The Dogs of North America: Generations of Coexistence

I remember stories that told of how the modern day dog came to America and North America, ones of having been brought here by settlers and perhaps crossing the Bering Sea with those who eventually became Native Americans. Turns out the truth is much different, and dogs have been here on this continent for thousands of years. Where they went remains a mystery, and the research currently being done is fascinating.

The bond between partners knows no bounds

We’ve read and heard a number of stories like this one in recent years. The attachment between law enforcement and military personnel with the dogs they serve next to every day. Far too often, red tape gets involved and these partners sometimes never see each other again. In this case, all one man wanted to do was have his buddy by his side in retirement.

Dogs like Baro are highly trained and skilled. It takes a lot of money to give them the necessary skills to do their job, and because they are not human, they are often treated as property. So wrong on so many levels. Time was a lot of these service animals were simply euthanized or sent to shelters with no hope. This story has the happy ending is so richly deserves.

Picture courtesy Wayne Freedman.

Once deemed unadoptable, Ruby now proudly wears the badge

Can’t tell you how many times I hear about dogs that are “untrainable”, or people who want to use shock collars to train their dogs, or those who just take the easy way out and dump their dogs into a shelter. Would you do that to one of your kids??? 99.9% of the time it’s the owner that is untrainable or doesn’t put in the work. Here’s another great example of a dog that was heading down a dark path because no one tried. and now she’s wearing the badge.

Photo courtesy Rhode Island State Police.