Pit bulls are puppies too

Pit bulls, like every other dog and every other child, every other newborn, begin life with what amounts to an empty head looking to be filled with ideas, concepts, teaching and intelligence. Dogs are, of course, not on the level of humans, but they too begin life seeking guidance. They also come into this world with a wide eyed excitement and wonder about the environment around them. Pit bulls get a bad rap, and those that “go bad” do so because their owner is often a bullethead looking to use them as an extension of their manhood. It’s humans that turn these wonderful animals bad, much like any other dog that bites or fights. Here’s a video I found of a pit bull puppy just beginning life, looking to play, and destined to be a best friend and member of a family if only given the right chance.

Train your pups. Treat them as your family. They deserve the chance to show you how much love they can provide, no matter what the breed.

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