A truly “Golden” day in the Scottish Highlands

Likely you’ve already seen this story as it is a couple of days old as I write this, but for those who haven’t seen it yet, or those who simply want to be awash in as many wonderful dogs as possible in a short period of time, let it stand the test of time and always be here for you.

A record breaking number of Golden Retrievers gathered together on the estate of the man who started the breed some 150 years ago. Fans of the golden will swear by them as the best dog anyone could have, and save for the fact they finish 4rd behind Beagles and Norwegian Elkhounds for us, and those pictures at the top of the site page will tell you why, there is nothing not to love about a golden.  I have never met a nasty one in my life and their parents are almost always just wonderful people with a radiant attitude.

Damned if I wouldn’t love to be there in the middle, just awash in golden puppy love. Go ahead, try to keep that smile from crossing your face.


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