People in Kentucky respond. Shelter cleared. Euthanization date cancelled!

The Animal Shelter in Estill County Kentucky faced a problem so many shelters are confronted with.  Not enough space and too many dogs to handle. So the decision was made.

They would have to euthanize a good number, if not all of the dogs, simply because they were out of time. Wonderful, loving animals who by no fault of their own were caught in that trap of time.

So they decided to make on, last, desperate plea for help. A forever friend was waiting. Just come on down and help.

It worked.

The euthanization date has been taken off the calendar, and the lives of 40 pups have changed forever as they are off to their new homes and new adventures.

We love our kids and they love us, without question. Yet as I have always stated and know from experience, there is nothing like the love between a rescue and their new family. I believe without one single doubt these fuzzies know how close they came to being left with no hope, and they know how lucky they are.

Bravo tp the people in Estill County. Would that such news could and will happen one day in every shelter across America.

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