Tupper & Lego: Not just another boy & his dog

So here I am at the office, so busy with things that have to get out yesterday. I haven’t posted here in several days because life got in the way, and knew I had to find something for a little Wednesday karma. For some reason, the news was filled with very sad stories about pups, dogs, handlers and people. Have to say it got a little depressing.

Then a friend drops this at my social media feet and everything stops.


I’m a sucker for kids and dogs. Will do anything to help them and tell their stories. This one hit home for a number of reasons, but more so just the innate nature of how Lego knows exactly what to do. He wasn’t trained to be an autistic support dog. He simply knows why he’s there and what he’s needed for.

The bond between these two is heartwarming, and it’s real. I’m seeking to keep this page upbeat. What I want are smiles and warm hearts. Call it a “safe place”, if you will.

Just like the safe place Lego provides for Tupper.

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