Do you talk to your dog? Damn smart of you.

Look, let’s be honest. Those of us who are dog parents have known  for a VERY long time how smart we are for having fuzzy kids. We also know that no matter what any of the snarky unbelievers says, our kids can understand what we’re saying when we talk to them. Of COURSE they can. We, however, are still missing a few snaps in our brain and have yet tp reach the ability level to understand THEM.

We’re still working on it every day.

Nowhere’s something we ALSO knew. Those of us who talk to our dogs are smarter than those who don’t. Makers, sense, right? THat, and talking to our dogs is the best way to get in a little extra love, another snuggle before bedtime, and also have someone to converse with when you really need to let off some quiet steam.

More proof how good they are for us. and how important they are in our lives.

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