Meet the dog rescuer heroes of Hurricane Florence

Sometimes, even in this world where it seems there are so many people who simply cannot wait to be jerks, there are signs of kindness and moments of real heroism. All it takes are stories of those who go an extra mile, or even an inch, to help those in trouble.

Hurricane Florence has killed more than a dozen people, ruined thousands of lives, and the damage will be under repair for years. Lives were changed forever, and some will never be put back together.

And in those moments there were those who refused to allow the fuzzy friends and kids to go without rescue. I read far too many stories where people simply left their homes and animals behind, leaving their pets to an uncertain fate.

So to counter all that, here’s a short collection of stories we were able to put together about those who certainly put their own lives at risk to help those with paws instead of human feet.

God bless you, every one.

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