Selfless Inspiration: One person saving the lives of innocent dogs

When I conceived this website, it was and always will be about passing along positive dog stories. We are daily inundated with the negatives, yet the uplifting tales get little play. More often we read the stories about how dog are so horribly mistreated by humans, and are often doomed to a life of pain and suffering.

Which is why I had to think long and hard about posting this story. It is indeed positive, but it begins with a horrific and repulsive negative.

It is the outcome of the story that demands we pay attention.

There are a number of organizations and individuals out there around the world seeking to stop the dog meat trade. It still exists in certain countries not because the public demands it, but because unscrupulous greedy individuals see it as the way to make a fast buck. Asian countries have been losing the appeal, yet the various “festivals” continue.

Hopefully, not for long thanks to people like Michael Chour and his group “The Sound of Animals”.

It’s a tough story to read, but the pictures and the outcome for a few of these dogs is well worth it. I know this site reaches people around the world. I see the stats. I beg you to do something when and where you can to help.

Be an inspiration. Inspire those around you to take action and help those who cannot help themselves. Never turn your head away from stories such as these. Use them to educate others.

One human at a time will save one dog at a time. And that is at the very least an excellent beginning.

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