Dallas: From fight dog to K-9. Saved by those who cared.

It’s a story we’ve heard and read far too often. Police discover and break up a dog fighting ring, where the animals are treated with such incredible cruelty, we find ourselves wondering how anyone can be so heartless. Too often, stories such as these end badly.

Not this time.

Meet Dallas, rescued from the hands of those who would use him as a bait and fighting dog, fought for by those who knew there was more here than another disposable life, and now about to spend a good part of his remaining life serving the community and going after people like those who once abused him.


Across America, Canada, so many other places around the world, there are still dog-fighting rings. They hide in the shadows, yet often many people know about their existence. The shame is many of those who know do nothing to save the dogs and put the criminals behind bars.

All we can do is ask that should you ever hear of such an issue, report it. Say something. Save their lives and help end what remains a scourge in North America and around the world.

It may be only one life you save, perhaps a few lives. But that’s one life that could change another life, and another life, and so on.

Call it your “Dallas Rule”. and make it a permanent part of your life.

Fuzzy kids like Dallas will thank you, often with a happy and normal life.

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