One visit to the shelter. One heart stolen. One perfect ending.

Truth be told, I have a very difficult time going into the animal shelters. I do so in order to drop off newspapers, purchase something that will add to their effort, donate some money, but walking into a place where there are so many lives to be saved is often overwhelming to me. I want to adopt them all, take them all home, give them all a good life. Which is why I’ve made a promise to myself should I ever hit the Powerball!

But thankfully, there are plenty of people who go into the shelters for a number of reasons, the least of which is to find a new lifelong friend. Sometimes, people go there with no intention of taking a fuzzy kid home. Sometimes, it just happens when the match is perfect and there is no other alternative. The moment grips, and a bond is formed.

Choco really didn’t have much of a chance. an older boy, stuck in the back of the shelter and having surrendered all hope when his owner abandoned him.

Then along came Rita Earl.

I’ll let you take the story from here. It’s because of people such as Rita we around the world know there are good people out there, and humanity is far from being extinguished.

Well played, Rita. Well played.

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