Dog or Smartphone? Make the right choice for you both!

I got into a really bad habit. I was at home in the evening, couch stuffed, watching TV and looking at my smartphone. It became nothing more than a bad habit. Almost as if the phone was a crack pipe or something just as addictive.

Right there in the room with us are Bailey and Magnus. Why the heck would I waste time when my kids are there???

Here’s something I would NEVER do. Talk on the phone while walking the dogs. Insane. At that time, it’s a freebie for me and I have 2 very important members of my family to pay attention to. You never know what could happen, and I don’t want my attention diverted from there,

Turns out being on the phone can indeed make your dog just ignore you. So what’s more important? Another mindless conversation you can have anytime, anywhere…or paying attention to and socializing with the fuzzy kids?

Just me, but that’s not much of a tough question to answer.

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