Saved and now saving: The story of Lilly Mae

This is one of those stories where you really don’t know where to begin, from the terrible start to the inspirational ending.

Lilly Mae not only started her life as the product of a despicable puppy mill, but she also suffered from a heart murmur AND  would up in a shelter, destined for a short life and a terrible end.

Then, fate stepped in. Talk about doing a 180.

There’s not much rougher for kids who have to go thru the court system. It’s a scary place, filled with people saying things the kids can’t understand. Their lives are right there on the line so any times, and they don’t even know it.

Just like Lilly Mae, who will never know how close she came to a terrible end.

Now, she saves lives. There couldn’t be a better doggone good story.

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