A note on her collar, she now has a Ghost of a chance

Sometimes, we need to take a step back when it comes to abandoned dogs. We do need to think about the human side of the equation.

It’s tough for so many people to make ends meet these days.  Despite some people ballyhooing how great the economy is, when it’s mostly a smokescreen for the wealthy, there are still people who can’t find a job that pays enough to make the rent. Even those working 2 and 3 jobs are buckling under the pressure.

Many of them have pets they simply can’t pay for any longer. Try as they might, they are forced into making difficult and heartbreaking decisions. I find it impossible to judge people every time in these cases. Sometimes, the story is evident. Other times, we have to assume.

Then there is the medical side of this issue. People with little or no health insurance, living alone, caring for pets and then suddenly, without warning, they are unable to even care for themselves. What do they do then? Far too often, unable to find someone to take in their loved fuzzy and furry kid, they have to abandon them to  a shelter, sometimes worse. Many times, these once cared for members of a family have no hope and find their lives about to be cut short.

Which brings us to the story of Ghost, who showed up with a note attached to her collar. We can’t be certain the note is even real, but I doubt someone would make something like this up. This sweetheart of a baby girl is just beginning her life, and already is confused at being shuffled from place to place. Her owner, at least, did what she thought was the right thing.


Ghost now has a chance at life. A greater issue here is also that of fostering, as there is a real shortage of people willing to take in a dog and keep them until they find a home. I couldn’t do it. I would become so attached, it would break my heart to let them go. But soon, I hope, I’ll get past that and help. 

Ghost has a chance because someone saw here and changed the course of their life and hers by trying to help. She could have wandered for weeks, suffered an accident, been attacked, God only knows. But someone showed heart, and love, for a puppy they knew nothing about. 

Make this a positive for your day. Think about those willing to help not just Ghost, but others around you. Be an example to others. Teach the kids how to care at a level such as this. 

Give others more than a Ghost of a chance at a good life. 

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