Benny slaps on skates and goes after the biscuit

I have seen a lot of things in my life, but never a dog on ice skates. Which makes Benny’s story all the more fun to watch.

A retired professional ice skater found Benny on the edge of a terrible fate, living out his final days in a Utah high kill shelter. He was given a final chance when transported to a shelter in Las Vegas. There was something about this bright eyed pup that caught Cheryl Del Sangro’s attention. Not long after that, Benny was not only getting his second chance at life, but he was impressing everyone, especially Cheryl, with his skills on the ice.

AND while wearing skates!

Benny is a great story of the fuzzy friends and companions that are found in shelters every single day. They’re smart, eager to please, and often come with talents that would normally be lost to the ages because someone didn’t see something worth saving.

Shelters are a last chance at life for these dogs. All they need is someone like you to find then, look them in the eyes, see the potential, and then make them part of the family.

Who knows? You too may find a budding hockey superstar.

Thanks, Cheryl, Good boy, Benny.

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