Mickey Rourke just like us around dogs: A softy at heart

Mickey Rourke has played some of the toughest, baddest, meanest guys ever put on film. His characters in “Sin City”, “Iron Man 2”, “The Wrestler”, and plenty more can attest to those times the man can simply be downright scary.

The same thing can be said of some really bad plastic surgery, but let’s not go there, shall we?

Rourke was captured at an LA eatery where dogs are not allowed. Says so right there on the sign. But let him bring his little ball of fur around, find a chair on the sidewalk, and add a high chair to make it all even more difficult for the owners to say no, and you have an afternoon of cute for the big guy and his kid.


Yep, that’s what they do to us. Any and all sizes. They’re our kids and no one can tell us any different.

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