From Afghanistan to America: Tess is right where she belongs

The type of story I never tire of reading and hearing about, when friends united in war become family when the conflict is over. 

Tess served her country in the war. For a year, she underwent the same stresses, the same possible moments of terror, the same confidence that came down the leash from her partner. Now, she will spend the rest of her life at home with a real family.

Many times, people don’t grasp what’s under the surface here. Military service dogs are not trained to be lovers, they’re trained to be fighters. It is much more difficult for them to break the bonds of war than most of their human counterparts. The men and women who serve have that human ability to reason their way thru the changes, and when they need help, it’s always there for them.

For the service dogs, sad to say, there are no psychologists, no support groups, and often, no families to help. They spend their lives only thinking of service. Few, actually get lucky to retire and live out their lives in relative comfort. 

Tess is one of the lucky ones. At 11 years of age, she has only a few years left. But those will be spent with  her closest friend, and every day will be a new adventure in becoming just another dog. Another playday. Another walk without the horrors of war surrounding her. 

This is one of the positive stories. Our military needs to ensure every service dog comes home, as often as possible with their human companion. It’s the least we can do for those who put their paws on the line every day to serve American, and protect their teams. 

Have a great life, Tess. Love and lick as often as you can. 

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