Someday, the last dog at the last shelter will find a home

I know, I know. The title of this post is very “pie in the sky”. When we consider all the strays and abandoned dogs, those that fight every day for a simple life, the phrase seems overwhelming and not possible. 

Still, we can hope. 

Stories such as these I never tire of. Communities banding together to rescue the unfortunate and find them homes. Consider that Capone here is 7 years of age, meaning he’s likely been thru a lot and perhaps even several owners. Sometimes, there’s a good reason why an animal finds itself relegated to a shelter. Most of the time, sadly, it’s more about neglect and age. 

The Ionia County Animal Shelter likely won’t be empty forever. Circumstances and cruelty will come into play again for some pup who by no fault of his or her own is homeless. 

That doesn’t mean good people stop trying. They do, every day. So we can gain a little smile and solace for the moment knowing the cause continues, and the dedication remains, to find a home for every deserving creature. 

Good boy, Capone. Welcome home. 

Last dog at Ionia County shelter finds forever home

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