Just call him “Harold the Hero”

When the conversation turns to animals, especially dogs,  and some people say, “well, they don’t really understand what they’re doing because they are just animals”, I shut that line of thinking down in a heartbeat. Indeed, they are animals, but they none the less have emotions and the ability to care for those in need. 

Take Harold, for instance. Returned to the shelter by a potential family who apparently failed to see the good in this little guy, turns out his getting another chance also gave another chance to several other lost souls. 

MYRTLE BEACH, N.C. – A shelter dog in Myrtle Beach is being called a hero after finding and saving a litter of abandoned puppies.


Harold knew something was amiss, and in the process of letting his nose do the work, he saved 6 little lives. Sad to note these puppies were abandoned by someone who didn’t have the simple concern about taking them to  shelter. Without Harold’s help, they likely would have died. 

So while there is a sad side to this story, we have to smile thanks to Harold. It proves yet again the wonder of animals, especially dogs, and how they save lives just by instinct. 

Good boy, Harold. Here’s hoping you have a new forever home, and soon. 

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