A global plea, people who care, and Addy finds a home

You people are amazing. 

It only took a couple of days after posting my video with Addy, and she was going home. 

The posting and reposting of this story, from here on the website to my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, put this little girl’s beautiful face out there for the world to see. 

When I walked into the Petco store to check up on her progress, there was her new Mom, her new sisters and friends, getting ready to take her home. As I understand, the family is local and has already started new obedience training with her at the same store. 

The outpouring of support, well wishes, hopes and prayers was absolutely mind-blowing. I received notes from comments from around the world as people were sharing Addy’s story, trying however they could to seek a connection that would get her to a new home. 

It won’t be easy for her. Addy’s had a difficult life already. From a stray puppy to a shelter, to a home where her new Mom had a health condition and no one to help, back to the shelter, to a couple that likely had good intentions but failed to dedicate themselves to the needs of this energetic girl, back to the shelter and a foster home, and finally into the arms of what will be her forever home. 

It’s a cautionary tale for us all when it comes to adopting these wonderful animals. They have emotions, just like us, and sometimes those emotions are frayed with the simple necessities of life. The fact they came so young for Addy might leave her somewhat scarred. From there, it takes a lot of love, a lot of understanding, and a lot of time to bring her into a family. It’s the same for every adoptee. 

I hope that by making Addy’s situation so public, everyone understands that in the end, it’s all about saving one life. Just one. We can’t save them all. We can’t find homes for every pup or every senior. The reality of the task before us seems insurmountable, and forces us to come to grips with reality. 

However, every time we save one life, just that one, it will inspire others to do the same. Addy’s story will, I sincerely hope, drive everyone to understand how important it is to promote adoption, ensuring that the right people are adoptees and they understand this is not something to be taken lightly. These are precious lives that will return the love a thousand fold. Like so many others, I strongly believe that adopted pets know how lucky they are, and the second chance they’ve been given. 

In Addy’s case, it was a third chance. The one that will stick. I know it will.  Her first night, finally at home, this was one tired and very happy girl. 

Never stop believing you make a difference. Never stop believing that one word, one post, one comment, will inspire others. 

Always believe in love, especially when it is so unconditional. 

Thanks again to everyone. 

Save a life. Just one. 

Be amazed at what you can do with just a word or two. 

Thanks, Addy. Good girl. 

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