Lost then Found: 62 Days to Happy tears

Granted, a lot of the stories I read are a few weeks old simply because it takes time to circulate around the Internet and come around for mass attention. I try to avoid these in the search for new stories and ones you may not have read.

This one had a few weeks on it when I found it, but the video grabbed me.

Those of us that are pet owners understand the bond that is formed between us and our furry kids. It’s the same as our 2-legged ones in many cases. They are in our very souls, they make up the best parts of our day, and they look at us only with love and no judgement. When they are taken from us by death, we mourn and hope they’re in a better place. But when they are lost to us by accident, it’s as if a wound is open that never heals.

This is then the story of a wound that did indeed heal, but not after more than 2 months of personal pain. If my kids were missing for 6 hours, I’d be a nervous wreck. I can’t imagine what this family experienced.

A Facebook page had been launched to find their missing little girl, and you can read all about what was happening for those long days. 

Then, the simple little miracle. 

Miracles do indeed happen. Families are reunited. Love, does indeed, win out over everything else.

Welcome home, Delilah.

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