Love & Traveling Biscuits: FOUND my new gig!

I have to admit stifling something of a laugh when I see those places with a dozen or so food trucks all gathered around, hawking fried this and grilled that alongside some of the more….”ahem”….exotic foods to be sold in public. Then again, it’s big business and does indeed serve a real niche. I’ve actually come to respect some of the more hard working people anywhere, because THAT is a tough business.

No more laughing. as I think I’ve found the best food truck idea anywhere.

From Washington State to Alabama and several places in between, doggie food trucks are exploding. Homemade treats, individual service, good prices and something special for every pooch.

It’s not as if homemade dog treats are new, but this is all the rage sweeping the country. And just for giggles sake, I found one of the newer recipes and thought a share was in order.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking of changing jobs. Sure, I’ll bet it’s tougher than it looks, but damn it’s got to be a lot of fun to be feeding the fuzzies across America. 

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