When patience paid off for the boy named Capone

Going back thru the hundreds of links I’ve accumulated over the last couple of months and failed to post….completely my fault in allowing other less important things to take over my life….I found this one about Capone from February of 2019 and had to post.

Capone is a symbol of the thousands of animals that go unadopted every day in shelters across America. Why they can’t find a home is a complete mystery. People come into a shelter and are looking for something special, something that will fit them, yet too often passw right by the perfect forever member of their family for some reason.

I have no doubt Capone’s breed had something to do with it. Maybe also he’s not as fluffy as some people would want. I don’t know. I can’t hold it against those who passed him by because I’m not in their shoes.

Yet Capone waited, and so many times saw other dogs being walked past him and never to return. Dogs are emotional animals, and I’ll guarantee he felt the pain after a time wondering why no one wanted him.

Someone did. Finally. Now, he has that forever home.

Take time to learn about those dogs , cats, rabbits and other animals that have been in shelters for some time. Give them a chance. Again, maybe they’re not exactly what you thought you wanted. But in the end, they are exactly what you needed.

Good boy.

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