Even the Wizard would be impressed with this Dorothy & Toto

Kids are so damn resilient. Just like dogs. 

When they come into this world, they don’t know what they “can’t” do or what’s “wrong” for them to do because, well, they’re kids. Blank slates. The only reason they learn that something can’t be done is because it gets drilled into them at such an early age by adults who never faced and sought to conquer their fears or shortcomings. Dogs are much the same way. The only reason they become aggressive or fail to “live up” to human standards is because of the human itself. 

Here’s a case where both kid and dog beat the odds in magnificent fashion. 

In only 17 years of life, Erin Bischoff has undergone 10 surgeries and 110 bone fractures because of a condition she suffers from. Yet thanks in large part to her Mom, and her service dog named Gage, Erin is living her young dream of being on stage. 

The bright lights are just another part of the day for Gage, who obviously has a co-starring role as Toto. He’s there to serve his young lady and to make her life a little easier. He does so with a casual ease and, after a while, I’ll wager people in the audience don’t even notice her wheelchair or the leash between them. Which if he could talk, is exactly what Gage would say his job is. To just be there as a guiding set of paws for Erin, and give her the best shot possible at living  normal life. 

Good boy. 

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