To protect and serve those seeking a new forever home

Law enforcement  gets an undeserved rap here in America, where like just about every other profession in the world, a few bad seeds force a generalization of all concerned. Police officers have one of the more difficult and stressful jobs imaginable. Go ahead,  you imagine for a moment going off to your job with the knowledge every day that you might never come home. 

So when I see stories like this, I’m all over it. Cops at a department in Nebraska working with the Humane Society to get shelter dogs out in front of the general public, giving them a better chance of adoption. Let’s face it, a lot of people would love to have a new dog but don’t go to the shelter for emotional reasons. Even for me, it’s tough to go into a shelter and see so many wagging tails, hear so many hopeful barks, and know there’s a good chance they will never leave the shelter alive. 

This has also got to be good for the dogs. So many animals suffer from a level of depression when forced to stay in shelters for long periods of time, and yes, some of them even give up hope. I’ve seen it. This, in some small way, gives them hope that they might be part of a loving home sooner than expected. 

I’d like to see more police departments do this, especially in the tough urban areas and inner cities Kids need to understand that dogs are friendly, not pieces to be used for dog fighting and abuse. It’s a great way to make those breeds getting a bad rap, just like the cops, more accessible and friendly to everyone. 

Mickey is 6 years old and deserves a new life, Maybe, just maybe, with the help of another often misunderstood member of society, he’ll be home soon, and never have to worry about walking a beat ever again. 

Well done, La Vista PD. 

Good boy, Mickey. 

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