From a life of fear to a life of weddings and love

The purpose of this website is to tell positive stories about dogs. I started this because I found far too many places focused on the negatives, and the daily news is loaded with moments of despair. I swore there would be no negatives here, nothing that would speak to the evil we see around us every day when it comes to dogs.

In cases, like this, I have to make an exception. What started as a terrible story of despair and hopelessness turned into something so much more, Perhaps, just perhaps, this story will drive others to emulate the idea, and give those dogs truly in need that desperately needed second chance.

Ginny was used in dogfighting, one of the more heinous crimes imaginable. Hers was a life filled with fear, despair, lacking in any simple pleasures. To her owner, she was nothing more than a disposable tool of greed and lust.

Thanks to those who are always on the lookout for such dire cases, Ginny found her way to a shelter. However, there she was again met with challenges. So timid, so fearful of a simple touch, and carrying with here that breed stigma that is often impossible to overcome.

Until those two special people found their way into her life. Not even seeking to adopt at the moment, Ginny captured their hearts. Life was about to become so different and so new for all 3.

Claire and Nick love each other, and they were determined to add Ginny to their little family. A family that become something even more special when they were married, and Ginny was part of the wedding party, all dressed in pretty colors that one day not long ago would have seemed impossible for her to wear. 

Ginny, Claire and Nick are off on their lives together now, a testament to what can happen when people give of their time to right some terrible wrongs, when shelters refuse to believe there are dogs not worth saving, and when people believe the same. Every dog is worth saving. Every life is worth a second chance. 

Ginny’s story comes to us courtesy of the ASPCA, one of many groups that work tirelessly to save the downtrodden and those with no hope. Whether it’s thier group or another, I urge you to find in your hearts a few dollars every now and then, a few hours at a local shelter or event,  something to donate that will help future Ginny’s from ever facing such a difficult life. 

Good girl. 

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