Lights, Camera, Action: From trash pit to Hollywood star

Another excellent story from the “Ed got tied up in life and missed a few, so he’s playing catch up because the story is too good to not feature” file. 

Hollywood is filled with the most improbable stories of how movie stars were accidentally discovered or rose from the most humble beginnings to be on the silver screen. Fait to say none of the human actors ever had to endure what a young girl named Shelby had to go thru in order to get her big break. 

Shelby was just another dog, abandoned and found living on the streets. When found in Tennessee, she didn’t have much trust for humans, and who could blame her? So many times animals are found in the world and one can only guess the life they had been leading to that point and what brought them there. 

You’ll be able to read the story in a much more concise fashion by accessing the link here. Suffice to say Shelby went from abandonment in Tennessee to stardom in Hollywood, and as of this writing she can still be seen in some movie theaters and certainly on any number of home broadcast services as star of the film, “A Dog’s Way Home”.

Think for a moment about that. A stray, a dog with no formal training whatsoever and left to survive on her own, is so damn smart that she’s able to pick up some extremely difficult training and work in the movies. I’ve been on those sets before, and the human actors sometimes don’t hit their marks as often and as smartly as the animals. 

This is more than just the rescue of a little girl who faced a bleak existence. It again speaks to those animals that are rescued, and what they become thanks to that act of kindness. I have no scientific evidence, but I swear these dogs, these animals, understand the second and even third chance they’ve been given, so much so they will do whatever it takes to never go back to their former lives again. 

They have a bond with humans after their desperate times, one that is so inescapable and tender. They appreciate that opportunity, and make the most of it. If only we as humans could learn to do the same thing. 

Thank you to the people who gave Shelby her chance, as we will all be able to live thru her eyes and actions in a movie that will no doubt be a family favorite for generations to come. 

Well played, Shelby. 

Good girl.

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