When Buster got a bedroom to call his own

God bless the people that foster dogs seeking a forever home. I don’t know if I could do it, simply because I would fall in love with every single one, and in no time our house would be packed to the brim with dogs. Foster families provide such a wonderful service to these fuzzy kids looking for a new family, but sometimes, it becomes more than just a temporary place to call home. 

Buster, like many dogs of his breed, had a difficult life. At 10 years of age, all he needed was the right home and family to spend his senior years. Sean Farrell knew there was home in Buster’s future. He just didn’t realize that place was right inside the walls Sean called home. 

Farrell noticed something about Buster. Seems as if with all the love he had to give, those life experiences had made the dog more than a little skittish in some situations. It seemed to Sean all Buster needed was a little corner of the world to call his own. 

The idea for Buster’s bedroom was born.

Farrell didn’t just head out and buy a doghouse. Nope. This creative man had something else in mind, and it didn’t take long for Buster to truly have a place to put his head down and watch the world go by. 

Go ahead. Try to tell me that’s not a smile. 

Many of the dogs that find their way into shelters endure unimaginable horrors in the outside world, or simply never feel a loving hand as they are tossed aside by a world seemingly too busy to give them what little affection they crave. It’s the people such as Sean Farrell that prove there are good people out there, merely seeking to do the right thing. 

Save one life. Just one.  In the process, put a smile on a fuzzy face and give that dog a new life that proves, all anyone really needs is love and a good home. 

Well played, Sean.

Good boy,Buster. 

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