The stray dog that “bowled” everyone over to save his life

Oliver was on his last step, another stray dog right on that verge of being euthanized. A sweetheart of a rescue, Oliver seemed to have sensed what was happening and decided he’d make certain everyone knew one thing. 

He wasn’t going anywhere without his bowl. 

Funny how little things like this attract so much attention. Folks at the animal shelter in Memphis TN had never seen anything like it, so of course, they took out their cameras and started snapping pictures. 

Within no time, the world knew all about Oliver, who like the character in the famous movie was seeming to say, “Please Sir, I want some more”. 

In this case, all he really wanted was a home. 

Thanks to those who took the pictures, posted them, and the outlets that picked up the story, Oliver is already home with his new family. 

Bowl included, of course. 

Often, it is indeed the little things we notice, the little things we do, that make a difference. Oliver is just one stray dog in a world filled with millions, but because someone took a special interest in him and his own unique way of letting everyone know a special member of the family is right in front of you, we get to recall what I believe is a simple thought for every day. 

Seek to save one life every day. Just one. That’s where humanity begins. 

Good boy, Oliver. Enjoy every morsel from that bowl for the rest of your life. 

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