Music does indeed have charms to soothe the hopeful pups

Remember the phrase “music has charms to soothe the savage beast”? In this case, there is nothing savage to note, merely one person taking time out of their day and their life to see that those less fortunate can experience a moment of calm. 

Think about animal shelters for a moment, and no matter what you do, it has to be incredibly stressful for the animals. Think about spending the entire day, sometimes weeks, in a small caged environment. Sounds echoing off concrete walls would be enough to drive most humans insane, and in this case, dogs have no idea why they are there, what will happen, how long if even possible they will see the outside again. 

Many, of course, never make it. This is their last stop due to no fault of their own. While what shelters do are admirable and the conditions are as good as they can make it, this is still a stark and sometimes foreboding reality. 

Until someone like Cheryl Wallace comes along and decides to put her heart and soul into just a few minutes that change those lives, even for a short spell. 

There are so many wonderful people who take time out of their days, their lives, their families and careers, to do something so wonderfully humane for the animals in need. Cheryl Wallace is one of those people. For a few minutes, these dogs are removed from the stress of waiting for freedom. They can just be dogs, relaxing in a soothing musical environment that might allow them to dream of better days. 

Perhaps even dream of that forever family that is just around the corner, and will take them home to a warm bed of their own, and the sounds of being surrounded by love. 

Thank you, Cheryl Wallace.

Sleep tight, my 4-legged friends. Someone will soon be there to rescue this one little and very deserving life. 

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