A silver lining for senior dogs seeking love in their silver years

As we all age, the chances rise we will be lonely, perhaps even forgotten. It’s not something we want to face, but the reality is there. Age is not always a sign of experience, as often in a world growing younger it becomes more of an encumbrance to those more concerned with other things. 

It’s the same with dogs, but it’s also a much harsher world for those in need of rescue. Odds are overwhelming that when people go to shelters, they seek out the puppies, the younger dogs, that will stay with them for many years. Sadly, those with a little gray on the muzzle and silver in the mane are overlooked and turned away. Not out of hate, but simply because we don’t wish to face their mortality, and certainly not our own. 

Which is why places like Shep’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary in Independence MO is so necessary. Senior dogs living in shelters are every day facing a greater risk of being euthanized, so why not find a home for these loving, gentle animals who really only want what every dog wants. A forever home, a place to rest their head, for as long as they have left. 

In many cases, these are dogs that have been terribly abused, left to die on the streets, abused as fighting animals, having experienced the truly dark side of humanity. That’s what makes the effort from founder Russell Clothier so special, so wonderful, so exceptional in proving there is good in people everywhere.

Shelters and homes such as these are always in need of donations, be they monetary or in the form of blankets, sheets, food, medical supplies, you name it.  Of course, they would love to see someone take one of their residents home and allow them to experience that full and rich life of being with someone who will love them unconditionally. 

They love us unconditionally. It’s the only way they know how to love. It is then up to us and return a simple favor, doing what we can for them and giving them a chance to feel some measure of joy while they spread a few smiles along the way. 

Well played, Russell. 

Good dogs.

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