A man and his puppy share a world of silence and love

When it comes to rescue dogs, we seriously never know what we will find out there waiting for a forever home. So many animals waiting for just one chance, often overlooked because they have a minor flow, something that makes potential adopters turn away. When you think about it, we ALL have our flaws, minor and major, and often we have to be grateful others look past our foibles and give us a chance. 

Which leads us to Emerson, an absolutely beautiful boy. Rescued from a shelter in Florida and sent to Maine, people there realized after a short time this puppy couldn’t hear. He was deaf, and they knew that could be a major stumbling block in his being adopted. To some, being deaf would be a deal breaker. 

Some, but not Nick Abbott. That’s because Nick is deaf and understands a world of no sound. When he found out about Emerson, the word “deaf” was no impediment. It actually was what drew the pair together. They may never hear a single word between them, but Nick understands how that, to him, is simply the way of life. 

The two have so quickly formed an inseperable bond, it’s easy to see them together for whatever time they are given. 

We are all born with flaws, every single one of us. In the end, all it takes is for someone to recognize that our flaws are what make us unique, and can make us better at facing the world around us. I read so many stories of blind dogs, dogs with one eye, dogs with a missing leg, those who have to use a cart to walk because of damaged rear legs, all of these things that humans go thru and also seek acceptance in the everyday world. 

All it takes is to give someone a chance. Let them see how much you are. Let them hear how much you care. 

Even without a single actual sound. 

Well played, Nick. 

Good boy, Emerson. 

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