One man’s dying wish for the strays he loved and cared for

I have to say, this one left me more than a little misty-eyed.

By the time you read this, Richard Ewers may already be gone. He’s been in hospice for about a week, the cancer finally taking it’s toll and forcing him from his home.

Ewers is one of those people who didn’t have much. His home was little more than a roof over his head, and it wasn’t in great shape. Yet Ewers shared that home with the dogs no one wanted, the ones left at dumpsters struggling for a life. He brought them in, cared for them as best as he could, and did everything he could to find them a forever home. Now, his forever has reached the end.

But thanks to people in and around San Antonio TX, there will be another day for the dogs still remaining. Volunteers and just neighbors who cared have been showing up to care for the dogs while Richard takes his final breaths. Thus far, more than half of those he took in have found homes.

Ewers is, obviously, a man who doesn’t have much. We don’t know his life story or how he came to live in this house with so little to show for his life. Yet, in his final days, all he wants is for someone to give his dogs, those with nowhere else to go, a home. 

This is a world filled with so much despair, so many people living in tough times. Yet when I find someone the likes of Richard, it seems to indicate there is hope. Somewhere. All we have to do is find it. 

It’s going to be  tough life for these dogs. All they’ve known is struggle and this old man who showed them a little love and affection. Their new families will have to have patience as everyone adjusts. 

In their canine minds, they will always wonder where that man went. They have no sense of time, so they will believe he will be coming right around the corner any minute, a treat in his hand. 

Someday, hopefully, they will see him again. Someday, we here on Earth will find others that give so selflessly and show us there is indeed the humanity we all should be seeking and emulating. 

God bless you, Richard. 

Thank you. 

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