Firefighter shares the rescue tale of how Bella changed his life

It’s probably one of the more salient things to say about rescue dogs and rescue animals. When we look back on our lives together, we always need to be asking “who really saved whom”? Far too often these pups are the ones who do the saving.

Meet Bella. 

Gregg Favre came across this little pup in need of rescue some 11 years ago at a St. Louis firehouse. Something clicked, and he knew she was coming home with him. Not only did she become a member of the family, she became his inseparable companion. Even Gregg was astounded at the bond between the, how tight it was in so many ways, how it seemed as if he and Bella shared the same mind. There was nothing they would not do for each other. 

Sadly, the one thing they couldn’t do was stop the cancer from invading Bella’s body. As is the tale with so many wonderful companions, this insidious disease is the reason why Gregg non longer wakes to the wagging tail of his girl. 

However, his social media posts have been a source of joy for so many, and have brought renewed interest in giving to those organizations seeking to bring about a change in canine cancer. It’s the least Gregg feels he can do for Bella. 

The story is a simple one, as is the conclusion. Treasure every moment with those we love, no matter if they have 4 or 2 legs. Revel in those moments, for one day, they will be gone, and we will want more. 

Bella was an exceptional dog for Gregg and his family, I’ll wager there are a lot of Bellas around the world, possibly even just a few feet from where you are now, and they are ready to teach us all the lessons of simple, unconditional love. 

Well played, Gregg. 

Good girl, Bella.

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