Parkland therapy dogs remembered forever in yearbook photos

One day, many years from now, older adults who had their young lives torn into by the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida may indeed reach back for their yearbooks. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t cracked mine open in more than 30 years. Never had a reason to. 

These adults will, the brave ones who still want to revisit those days and that time when their life, and the lives of everyone in America. changed yet again because of someone seeking to do harm. 

I’m going to guess these pages will be looked upon many times in the future, and when they are, there will be the smiling faces of friends lost, and those who helped them thru some of their darkest days. 

The therapy dogs who were there, mixing with the students and teachers solely for the purpose of bringing them a little comfort, show them a little love, and hopefully make things a little easier in difficult moments. 

The rescue dogs are forever remembered on their own yearbook page, a wonderful idea to honor these four legged heroes. I saw them at the school, and wept watching them work their magic. I’ll wager more tears will be shed in the future when these pictures are viewed. Hopefully, tears of joy. 

Animals, especially dogs, have this innate ability to make our lives just that much better, They do indeed sense when we need them, and they never ask for anything in return save a hug and a nuzzle. 

Here’s hoping that many years from now, when the dogs themselves have passed on and these students are seeking a quiet moment to remember a time of healing, they will turn to this page, these photos, and share a smile with their fuzzy friends. 

Good dogs. 

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