The love affair with Max, and why our fuzzy kids mean so much

Boy, this one had me really holding back the waterworks.

I friended Max Graf back in 2009 on Facebook. His posts were always friendly, upbeat, funny and brought a smile to my face. I always wished him a Happy Birthday, and even responded a few times with a smile of my own.

Max never really answered back on his own. After all, it’s hard to do without opposable thumbs

Max was the constant companion for a South Florida family that made him the “spokesdog” for their pet business. Max was always there as an ambassador and part of the sales staff until he retired last year. I always told myself, “You need to get there and shake his paw”. I never did. We always believe there is more time in life than we are granted. I also didn’t know Max was getting up their in years.

Max passed away this week, quietly and peacefully with his family. The departure of a furry friend is unlike anything related to a human farewell. They cannot speak to us, tell us they are in pain or discomfort, because to them this is just another day in life. They do, however, in so many ways, tell us when the time is right for them to go. Max had apparently sent the signs, and his family knew the time was here.

On his Facebook page, his Dad wrote the following tribute to his friend and kid. I read it, and could not hold back the tears for several minutes. It is, without question, the kind of farewell we all should have in our life.

Max Graf, September 4, 2003 – August 17, 2020.

Max Graf, aka Fuzz Face, The Moo, Mr. Moo, Little Moo, Tough Guy, Stinker Butt, Snorkle Puss, and Little Junior, passed away August 17, 2020, with his loving doggy mother and father at his side.

Born September 4, 2003, Max was an orphan left to fend for himself on the mean streets of Hialeah, Florida. Utilizing his dazzling charm, his rock n’ roll star good looks, and his gregarious nature, Max forged his way into a rescue group and, ultimately, to his forever home.

A confident canine with plenty of ‘pinions and a keen intellect, Max studied hard to become the best dog he could be; graduating Magna Cum Laude and earning his Good Canine Citizen degree.

His studies prepared him well for future success and he showed great prowess in Sitting, Staying, Leash Walking, Rolling Over, Butt Sniffing, Rolling in Stinky Stuff, and his favorite, Duck Chasing.

In 2009, Max partnered with his family to open a retail business in Plantation, Florida that specialized in healthy foods and treats for dogs and cats. Over the years, Max helped the business grow and thrive, serving in key roles like Taste Tester, Chief of Security, Store Greeter, and Quality Control Manager.

During his tenure, Max never missed a day of work and took pride in his ability to win over new customers. Many would come to the shop just to see him and ask for his advice about what food or treats they should get for their pup. Max retired in June, 2019 and settled into enjoying life at home with his family and loved ones.

“all his sweet and shaggy life,
always near me, never troubling me,
and asking nothing.”

Rest in peace, my beautiful friend. There will always only be you.

Love, Dad …and Mom too.

God rest your soul, Max. Yes, we know you have a soul. Those who love as deeply as you did, and who engender such love in return, have indeed the perfect soul.

Good boy.

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