CLEAR THE SHELTERS 2020: When America truly shows it’s heart

Here we go, making that push to help those who truly have nowhere else to turn to than look into our eyes and hearts for changing their lives, and ours, forever.

August is “Clear the Shelters” month across America, where most animal shelters are bending over backwards to make it easy for adoption. Now, to be honest, I have heard some isolated stories about some shelters who are really not doing their best to get behind the effort. Some are even making it difficult to adopt. Fortunately, fro what I’ve been able to tell, this is the exception rather than the norm.

NOW is the time to find your furever friend and member of the family. The COVID19 pandemic has been a nightmare for many animals, as people are dumping their kids into shelters, onto streets, miles away from civilization to rid themselves of the responsibility they agreed to.

The animals can’t help it. One day they have a bed, the next day it’s dirt, bad weather and no food or water. One day they have what they hope is forever love, and the next minutes it’s gone. They have no idea what they did wrong, why it’s happening, how to get back to their family.

What they need is a new family. Someone who will love them forever, no matter if they have days, weeks, months or year remaining. And yes, there is a cost in human dollars. But the return in unconditional love is worth every penny.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, (and I have a real love for those little guys), and every type of animal needs your help, and your heart.

So here are some links to stories from across America on these efforts to clear the shelters. No, my aim is not to shame anyone. My purposes is to help everyone see why this is a positive thing to do in a world that, lately, doesn’t seem to have many positives.

Be part of the solution. Bring a new member of your family into the fold. Love unconditionally, and get that love in return.

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