Pipsqueak conquers the pandemic from halfway around the world

COVID19 has changed the life of every single person on the planet. More than people, it has impacted those who walk on more than 2 legs, and are just as much family as if they were born into a Mother’s waiting arms. This story about a little girl who started life across the Atlantic, wound up in America, and had to wait what had to seem like an excruciating period of time to reunite with her parents, brought quite the smile to my face.


The perseverance showed by by Pipsqueak’s family is touching, and very understandable. How many of us would go to the figurative “ends of the Earth” to bring our kids home? I would. Cost would be no barrier. I would go in hock deep to reunite with Magnus and Bailey. My guess is many of you feel the same.

We all want 2020 to be over, hopefully returning to some semblance of normalcy. Granted, whatever that “normal” is, it won’t be anything we’re used to. We are all going to have to adapt to a new way of life.

However, our fuzzy and furry kids will be the mainstay. They will be there through it all, looking to us for snuggling, treats, care, MORE TREATS (which is the Bailey way of life), and to them, life will all be as it should.

It was just destined for Pip to find her way home. Here’s to hoping every dog never has to wonder where Mom and Dad went, because they will always be right there for them with a loving touch.

And a treat, of course.

Good girl.

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