The pup nobody wanted, the boy who needed someone to understand

I will be the first to admit, it’s tough to go into an animal shelter. It’s heart wrenching when I enter those walls and realize how many wonderful lives are there, just waiting for someone to give them a forever home. However, I sally forth and believe in what they do, and that for every little boy and girl, there is the perfect dog. Often, found right here within those walls.

For Bentley Boyers, nothing could be more true. Born with a facial disfigurement that without a doubt made him self-conscious while at the same time having to undergo so many surgeries, you get the feeling all he needed was someone to understand.

That’s where a chance encounter at a shelter between his Daddy and a little girl that no one else seemed to want, changed everyone’s life.

Bentley and his buddy will grow up together, share so many adventures, and be able to look into their eyes knowing they understand each other. When you have the right friend, the best friend, it makes any challenge easier to face. 

A boy and his dog.

Good girl.

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