Know how you SWEAR your dog knows what you’re thinking? Here’s your answer.

From the way Magnus cocks his ears when he hears certain words, to how Bailey knows exactly the right time to snuggle up when we’re having a bad day, I have always known that dogs have got to be the most perceptive animals on the planet. Emotionally speaking, our kids are tuned into our lives in every aspect, and I’ll wager you feel the same way about your dogs.

It took being a fur Daddy for me to really experience this. When I was a kid and had dogs, never gave it a second thought. But it was when I was going thru a very tough time professionally and personally when Magnus and Bailey showed this side of themselves. I also see it with my Dad and his dog, Gunnar. They’ve been together 11 years now, and there is not one single doubt Gunnar’s mood is 1005 affected by that of my Dad.

Which is why I found this study and article so engrossing.

Dogs used to be pets way back when, but no more. They are family, they are friends, they are companions, and they in many ways become our rocks thru very tough times. Our kids certainly have been that. I could never imagine a day without them, and while they may not understand every word I say, I know they understand the meaning and when to pull in tight.

We need them, so often, more than they need us. Either way, we keep each other whole. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Good kids.


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