The dogs of 9/11: Heroes with paws.

The events of 9/11 left an indelible mark on the world, and from a personal standpoint, myself. There are stories and insight I will likely never share, as the memories are just too painful. Suffice to say that every year when the commemorative date approaches, I become much more thoughtful, much less angry, filled with faces and places that I can never forget.

19 years later, there are stories that must be told. These are the ones that we must never forget. Stories of bravery. Stories of heroes, Tails of those who did everything they could to help bring America back.

Yes, I wrote “tails”. For this is about those devoted 4-legged heroes, and the dogged determination they showed in being part of the effort at Ground Zero that terrible day.

There are so many stories already available, I thought to link a few of them here for your reading pleasure. Ones that I gave found to be of interest, comfort, and some peace.

We tell ourselves to “never forget”. This has been a cry of freedom for many generations, each time meaning something a little different. In this case, we must never forget the men and women who sacrificed time and, in some cases, their lives to bring America some closure. Let us not then ever forget the work of these magnificent pups, all of whom have moved on to greener, ethereal pastures.

They live to serve, but they also live to love. In their cases, the did their jobs without fear, knowing they were doing what they were trained to do. Be our partners. Our friends. Our rocks to lean on.

Good boy. Good girl.

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