What dog owners have known for generations

After a very long COVID-19 hiatus, it’s time to get back to this site and bring back the good stories about our fuzzy kids. 

This one was an easy restart. With no offense to anyone who loves their cats, monkeys, snakes, birds, llamas, horses or any other animal friend, there is absolutely nothing to compare with the love and interaction of a dog. There are times I know our kids are more attuned to us than other family members, and the reason is simple.

Dogs ‘just get’ humans in ways other animals can’t, evolutionary scientists conclude

They don’t pay texas, they don’t get into silly arguments, they don’t seek to gain an advantage over you, they are there just to depend on us, to care for us, and to be our partners for as long as they can. 

I know that someday my kids will depart, and I already dread that day. It’s why I always stop to tell them how much I love them, hug them, smile at them, and thank them for what they bring into our lives. 

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