Who We Are

From the corporate side of things, we’re Entourage Media LLC, a Media and Public Relations firm based in South Florida (https://edberliner.com) yet working for clients around the world. From the doggy side of things, we’re parents to Lady Bailey and Master Magnus, the 2 best things to ever come into our lives. More about them on their own tab.

The world seems so torn apart these days with everyone trying to yell the loudest, have the biggest and brightest things, and friends walking away from friends over things that should never separate real friends. We find that most of the time, the numerous dog sites we visit have such uplifting and positive stories, we decided to gather them together in one place.

This is no slight to those who love their cats, rabbits, hamsters, iguanas, horses or any other pet. We know you love them as much as we love our kids, and we admire you for the love you give them every day. We just decided to do this one for dogs, and hope to bring you a smile in those long days we all face.

Besides, Magnus and Bailey said if Daddy didn’t get off the stick and get them some global publicity, they would both wet the bed in the middle of the night just for kicks.

And Daddy HAS to keep his kids happy, right???

Smile, everybody.

Ed, Shannon, Bailey and Magnus.

Fun and entertaining dog tales from around the world