Links to Friends

These are the groups as we go along that we have found to be caring, loving friends of dogs. The people that go out of their way to show real humanity.

A lot of these links are in South Florida, but I’m always looking for ideas on those organizations people have made friends with. Send me your suggestions at Can’t guarantee we’ll link to it, but we will check them out.

Keep checking back as I will keep adding more more to the list as we move forward. Maybe give them a few bucks if you can, perhaps volunteer of they’re in your area. We have found them to be really good people. Hopefully, so will you.


The Humane Society

The Humane Society of Broward County FL (We love this place and the care is exceptionable. Great place to find a forever friend. 

Abandoned Pet Rescue. Broward County FL, again close to our home and they do so much good work. Ask for my buddy Larry. 



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