The rescue dog that made an immigrant truly, finally, feel at home.

One of the most discussed ideas when it comes to rescue animals is the question of who rescued whom? We as humans always get the idea that because we have the conscious idea of adoption that we reached out and saved a life, however, quite often, it is the animal that truly rescues us with a level of love and caring we may never have thought ourselves possible of attaining. 

For immigrants coming to America, the feeling of needing rescue is a powerful one. Many are escaping dangerous lives, and at their core all they seek is the American dream. a future, a place to call home, a place to raise a family. 

Jessica Lima certainly had those feelings growing up as an immigrant child from Guatemala. Years after first coming here, she felt something was missing in her life. That gap was filled when she met Bruce.

Puppies can be such a daunting task, especially for single parents. They can and often do wreak havoc on lives as Jessica quickly discovered. However, in the struggle to settle Bruce into his new life, Jessica learned a lot about herself, her journey, and was able to understand a little better what she went thru as a child. Bruce, himself, is something of an immigrant to America, having been brought to the mainland from Puerto Rico where he truly had no chance of a good life. 

The two are now inseparable, and as Jessica strikes out on her life, she has a friend, companion, and a member of the family along for the ride. Bruce will be there for the ups, the downs, the good times and the bad, and you get the feeling there is nothing that can break them apart. 

It’s a new vista for both sides when a dog is adopted. Neither one really knows what they’re getting into it, and they can only hope for the best. IN this case, it’s a match many years in the making, and one that should give everyone hope there is someone out there for us all. 

Well done, Jessica. 

Good boy, Bruce. 

“Unadoptable” Edgar becomes the scourge of child abductor

For some reason, certain dogs never seem to attract attention at shelter. They look perfectly healthy, they have everything a family could want, they do everything they can to attract attention, and still they sometimes never see freedom again. 

Edgar was one of those dogs. He even had the label “unadoptable” slapped on him for some reason, and the reputation stuck. I mean, honestly, how could anyone resist that face?

Thom Lambert always wanted a dog, as he ran his furniture making business from home. With three children, however, the family already had plenty on it’s plate and his wife wasn’t all that keen on the idea. Until Thom met Edgar, and everything changed. 

In a heroic sense. 

Not only has Edgar become a perfect fit for this family, he has also very likely saved the life of Thom’s kids. When an alleged child abductor was making the rounds in the Lambert neighborhood and broke into their home, Edgar would have none of it. A normally laid back dog, as a lot of coonhounds are, Edgar went nuts when he knew someone was attacking his family. There is not a single doubt that because he decided to speak up, Lambert’s young children were kept safe. 

All thanks to the dog that no one wanted to adopt, that someone had tagged as not being the right type for adoption, and one some might have viewed as lethargic or even lazy. 

Pre-conceived notions. Misconceptions. Simple failing to give a chance to one dog who so desperately wanted to please and be part of a family. 

Edgar is home. Forever. Thom has this big loving boy to thank for his children being kept safe. A lesson for everyone to accept that first impressions, and labels placed on dogs or humans by others, are not always the right ones. Sometimes, you have to take that leap of faith. Because you never know where it will lead. 

Thanks, Thom. 

Good boy, Edgar. 

A man and his puppy share a world of silence and love

When it comes to rescue dogs, we seriously never know what we will find out there waiting for a forever home. So many animals waiting for just one chance, often overlooked because they have a minor flow, something that makes potential adopters turn away. When you think about it, we ALL have our flaws, minor and major, and often we have to be grateful others look past our foibles and give us a chance. 

Which leads us to Emerson, an absolutely beautiful boy. Rescued from a shelter in Florida and sent to Maine, people there realized after a short time this puppy couldn’t hear. He was deaf, and they knew that could be a major stumbling block in his being adopted. To some, being deaf would be a deal breaker. 

Some, but not Nick Abbott. That’s because Nick is deaf and understands a world of no sound. When he found out about Emerson, the word “deaf” was no impediment. It actually was what drew the pair together. They may never hear a single word between them, but Nick understands how that, to him, is simply the way of life. 

The two have so quickly formed an inseperable bond, it’s easy to see them together for whatever time they are given. 

We are all born with flaws, every single one of us. In the end, all it takes is for someone to recognize that our flaws are what make us unique, and can make us better at facing the world around us. I read so many stories of blind dogs, dogs with one eye, dogs with a missing leg, those who have to use a cart to walk because of damaged rear legs, all of these things that humans go thru and also seek acceptance in the everyday world. 

All it takes is to give someone a chance. Let them see how much you are. Let them hear how much you care. 

Even without a single actual sound. 

Well played, Nick. 

Good boy, Emerson. 

A silver lining for senior dogs seeking love in their silver years

As we all age, the chances rise we will be lonely, perhaps even forgotten. It’s not something we want to face, but the reality is there. Age is not always a sign of experience, as often in a world growing younger it becomes more of an encumbrance to those more concerned with other things. 

It’s the same with dogs, but it’s also a much harsher world for those in need of rescue. Odds are overwhelming that when people go to shelters, they seek out the puppies, the younger dogs, that will stay with them for many years. Sadly, those with a little gray on the muzzle and silver in the mane are overlooked and turned away. Not out of hate, but simply because we don’t wish to face their mortality, and certainly not our own. 

Which is why places like Shep’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary in Independence MO is so necessary. Senior dogs living in shelters are every day facing a greater risk of being euthanized, so why not find a home for these loving, gentle animals who really only want what every dog wants. A forever home, a place to rest their head, for as long as they have left. 

In many cases, these are dogs that have been terribly abused, left to die on the streets, abused as fighting animals, having experienced the truly dark side of humanity. That’s what makes the effort from founder Russell Clothier so special, so wonderful, so exceptional in proving there is good in people everywhere.

Shelters and homes such as these are always in need of donations, be they monetary or in the form of blankets, sheets, food, medical supplies, you name it.  Of course, they would love to see someone take one of their residents home and allow them to experience that full and rich life of being with someone who will love them unconditionally. 

They love us unconditionally. It’s the only way they know how to love. It is then up to us and return a simple favor, doing what we can for them and giving them a chance to feel some measure of joy while they spread a few smiles along the way. 

Well played, Russell. 

Good dogs.

Even without eyes, it’s easy to see Kyle and Katana’s bond

Love is not something we have to see in order for it to be right in front of our faces. Love is not something we need to hear in order to understand it’s often unspoken language. Love is not something we need to put on display to understand the bond it creates between two people. 

Or, in this case, one man and his dog. 

Kyle Rohrig is an experienced and well known hiker, having published several books on the subject. He’s also companion to Katana. the Shiba Inu. Often they would go on hikes together, where she would play along the way and experience what is that simple joy of just being a dog and just being with her Dad. However, at the age of 5, Katana lost sight in one eye, the other 3 years later. She lost complete sight just a short time before Rohrig  was set to strike out on a long hike and, of course, Katana was set to be right alongside. 

There was never a question the 2 of them would make the trek together. Which is why Rohrig decided that he would carry Katana when the times dictated such on the hike. Oh, she did her fair share of walking. But at those times the terrain demanded sight, Kyle ensure Katana would have no issues. 

There’s one picture from the hike that really caught my attention. The one where Kyle is holding Katana up and letting her “see” all around her. Of course, for Katana, there is nothing but darkness. But imagine sniffing those familiar smells, and her mind bringing up the pictures of what they’ve always been associated with. This truly shows the love of one man for his best friend. 

Kyle is going to continue living his dream, and I have no doubt that dream includes having Katana with him for as long as they are both allowed to share their love for each other. 

Well played, Kyle. 

Good girl, Katana.

Music does indeed have charms to soothe the hopeful pups

Remember the phrase “music has charms to soothe the savage beast”? In this case, there is nothing savage to note, merely one person taking time out of their day and their life to see that those less fortunate can experience a moment of calm. 

Think about animal shelters for a moment, and no matter what you do, it has to be incredibly stressful for the animals. Think about spending the entire day, sometimes weeks, in a small caged environment. Sounds echoing off concrete walls would be enough to drive most humans insane, and in this case, dogs have no idea why they are there, what will happen, how long if even possible they will see the outside again. 

Many, of course, never make it. This is their last stop due to no fault of their own. While what shelters do are admirable and the conditions are as good as they can make it, this is still a stark and sometimes foreboding reality. 

Until someone like Cheryl Wallace comes along and decides to put her heart and soul into just a few minutes that change those lives, even for a short spell. 

There are so many wonderful people who take time out of their days, their lives, their families and careers, to do something so wonderfully humane for the animals in need. Cheryl Wallace is one of those people. For a few minutes, these dogs are removed from the stress of waiting for freedom. They can just be dogs, relaxing in a soothing musical environment that might allow them to dream of better days. 

Perhaps even dream of that forever family that is just around the corner, and will take them home to a warm bed of their own, and the sounds of being surrounded by love. 

Thank you, Cheryl Wallace.

Sleep tight, my 4-legged friends. Someone will soon be there to rescue this one little and very deserving life. 

The stray dog that “bowled” everyone over to save his life

Oliver was on his last step, another stray dog right on that verge of being euthanized. A sweetheart of a rescue, Oliver seemed to have sensed what was happening and decided he’d make certain everyone knew one thing. 

He wasn’t going anywhere without his bowl. 

Funny how little things like this attract so much attention. Folks at the animal shelter in Memphis TN had never seen anything like it, so of course, they took out their cameras and started snapping pictures. 

Within no time, the world knew all about Oliver, who like the character in the famous movie was seeming to say, “Please Sir, I want some more”. 

In this case, all he really wanted was a home. 

Thanks to those who took the pictures, posted them, and the outlets that picked up the story, Oliver is already home with his new family. 

Bowl included, of course. 

Often, it is indeed the little things we notice, the little things we do, that make a difference. Oliver is just one stray dog in a world filled with millions, but because someone took a special interest in him and his own unique way of letting everyone know a special member of the family is right in front of you, we get to recall what I believe is a simple thought for every day. 

Seek to save one life every day. Just one. That’s where humanity begins. 

Good boy, Oliver. Enjoy every morsel from that bowl for the rest of your life. 

When Buster got a bedroom to call his own

God bless the people that foster dogs seeking a forever home. I don’t know if I could do it, simply because I would fall in love with every single one, and in no time our house would be packed to the brim with dogs. Foster families provide such a wonderful service to these fuzzy kids looking for a new family, but sometimes, it becomes more than just a temporary place to call home. 

Buster, like many dogs of his breed, had a difficult life. At 10 years of age, all he needed was the right home and family to spend his senior years. Sean Farrell knew there was home in Buster’s future. He just didn’t realize that place was right inside the walls Sean called home. 

Farrell noticed something about Buster. Seems as if with all the love he had to give, those life experiences had made the dog more than a little skittish in some situations. It seemed to Sean all Buster needed was a little corner of the world to call his own. 

The idea for Buster’s bedroom was born.

Farrell didn’t just head out and buy a doghouse. Nope. This creative man had something else in mind, and it didn’t take long for Buster to truly have a place to put his head down and watch the world go by. 

Go ahead. Try to tell me that’s not a smile. 

Many of the dogs that find their way into shelters endure unimaginable horrors in the outside world, or simply never feel a loving hand as they are tossed aside by a world seemingly too busy to give them what little affection they crave. It’s the people such as Sean Farrell that prove there are good people out there, merely seeking to do the right thing. 

Save one life. Just one.  In the process, put a smile on a fuzzy face and give that dog a new life that proves, all anyone really needs is love and a good home. 

Well played, Sean.

Good boy,Buster. 

The hero who has given his life to saving dogs

When I launched this website, I promised myself it would only be positive stories about dogs. It’s easy to find the negative ones, as they populate the Internet and the airwaves much more often. As with stories in our human existence, the good ones are often buried because they are not sensationalistic enough. I was dedicated to bringing a smile to the faces of all who came to this place. 

This story is difficult to write, and it does sadly come with a terrible downside. However, it needs to be told, over and over again. It needs your attention and that of every caring person in the world. While it begins on dark notes, it reaches a conclusion that there is good in the world, and only we can help make it happen. 

I met Michael Chour thru a story on the Internet, then later interviewed him for a podcast focusing on his work at “The Sound of Animals”. Michael has surrendered his entire life to the effort of saving dogs from the Southeastern Asia dog meat trade. Every day, every single day, he rises and with the help of his wife, local people, and those from other countries who fly to his farm and volunteer their time, Michael saves another life. 

Michael Chour is a hero. Plain and simple. Trust me, I’ve been around thousands of people who call themselves heroes or who are both rightfully and erroneously called such. They pale in comparison to what he does every single day. 

So let me ask everyone who reads this to do three things, three positive things. 

Read about Michael and his work here at his website. Understand the depth of commitment and work he puts in every day. 

Listen to the interview I did with him late last year. Hear from his own lips how he very day seeks to make the world a more positive place. 

If you can, then please donate. A few dollars, whatever you can. The charity is 100% funded by donors, and they almost daily live on the edge. They, he, cannot move forward without your help. 

I’m proud to know Michael Chour. We likely will never meet in person, but the man makes me proud to be a human being who cares about animals, about dogs, every single day.

He is the best of us, and deserves our help and attention. 

Because every day, he is seeking to bring smile to the faces of those who have known only pain, and he does so without a selfless bone in his body. 

Thank you, Michael. Thank you for bringing light to a very dark place.

The pitbull named Sharky, still teaching lessons of love

I am always drawn to stories about pit bulls and their related breeds, as they do, without, question, get a bad rap from humankind. What these breeds also endure is how man uses them for fighting, teaches them aggression, and in most every case turns them into something of a darker nature. 

If treated with love and affection, pit bulls are like every other creature. Some may react negatively, some may be born bad, some may never be able to overcome their own nature. It’s the same thing in humans, who supposedly are at the top of the genetic chain. 

Pit bulls are also forced to overcome generations of negative breeding by man. They were a much different dog decades ago, until man decided to turn them into something evil and dangerous. Naturally, they are being bred properly again today, and one day will be a much different animal than the one being abused in our lifetimes. 

Which brings us to Sharky, a young man who only knew kindness and love for creatures around him. This pit bull had a difficult life, as many of them do. Yet he was able to show everyone around him what a true inner love these animals have, and how when treated with love, they respond in kind.

You will notice the past tense in my writing. That’s because while the post above was made here in 2019, Sharky left us several years ago. At the age of 9, his life was ended after a bout with cancer. As happens so often here in the viral world, many stories are told and posted that are actually from a much earlier time. It would have been nice to know that Sharky was still caring for his menagerie, but the true evil that is cancer took him from the world much too soon. 

Still, we have his memories. We have his dazzling smile, and numerous stories of how he overcame a reputation and showed love to all around him, down even to the smallest creature. 

Here we are, five years later, and Sharky is still teaching us lessons of life we all need to understand and accept. 

Good boy, Sharky. Good boy. 

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